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Our main products are coaching tools that enhances communication through visual display of information using laminated surfaces, transparent acetates, and dry erase markers. We also provide field of play decals that enable coaches to use our same dry erase markers to communicate with their players. These decals may be affixed to existing surfaces, our surfaces, or displayed on a portable mechanical board.

  Now, we have a new portable decals which rolls up in 2" X 24" protected tube for Hockey, Basketball, Ringette, and Soccer made from neoteric polymer that comes complete with a dry erase marker, protective cover tube, and instructions for $24.95 plus tax! Check out the images below or contact us at Keep it Simple COACHKeep it Simple Coach is a registered trade mark. for more information.



Ringette Soccer
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Check out the permanently installed decals on the products page for Hockey and Ringette.

Keep it Simple COACH coaching tools are distributed and marketed exclusively by Cha Bri, a sole proprietorship firm registered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are in the process of establishing a dealer network for all products and ask you to direct inquiries to

January 2005 Issue
Has the time comes to start paying coaches?

Keep it Simple COACHKeep it Simple Coach is a registered trade mark.

We are committed to providing means to improve the coaching delivery system to all, from grassroots to the pro's, with visual aides, organizational techniques, and communication tools.




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